Artist Bio

Mansi is Ph.D. student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, moonlighting as a watercolor artist. Her work explores the dialog between the changing natural landscape around her and the inner landscape of her experiences and identities echoing a growing sense of nostalgia. 

In addition to her own artistic practice in watercolors, she is passionate about making science and art more accessible to diverse audiences and teaches in community art programs. Mansi is a Juried Member of the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society and has hosted several fundraisers with her paintings to support inclusive art programs in the Pittsburgh community. She has formerly served as an instructor at the Pittsburgh Center for Arts and Media and the Creative Citizens Studio. 

As an undergraduate student at IIT Bombay, India, she was elected as the Institute Cultural Secretary and led several initiatives bringing together campus residents from all walks of life through improved facilities and avenues for collaborations. Notable initiatives include the formal integration of fine arts as an elective course, initiating art classes for children of transient migrant laborers, and establishing the first visual arts studio for campus residents. 

Her long-term projects include i) working at the intersection of art and science to illustrate scientific concepts effectively and ii) improving diversity and representation in visual storytelling.  For her contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Pittsburgh community, Mansi has been recognized with the Unsung Hero Award at Carnegie Mellon University. As an undergraduate, she was selected to represent India in cultural exchange programs in South Asia.

"पतझड़ में दिवाली "  A garland of oaks, Diwali"22 

Here are some recent Plein Air Paintings at Schenley Overlook, Pittsburgh. 

I am always excited to teach in community art programs and participate in collaborative projects. Growing up, I did not have opportunities to pursue formal training in art and I am passionate about improving access to educational opportunities and resources to pursue art for all.  I am a self-taught watercolor artist, and painting over the years has been a contemplative, meditative pursuit, through which I connect and engage with my surroundings. My learning is driven by inspiration and curiosity. I am deeply inspired by nature and the changing landscapes and colors around me. Whenever something catches my attention — I pause to absorb and express its essence through my brush strokes. Through this process, I intuitively learn different artistic techniques and keep growing as an artist. 

I sometimes share the story behind my paintings and connect with fellow artists through my Instagram account.

I am happy to support and collaborate on research/projects on safeguarding the voices of community artists and small businesses in the age of Generative AI and Social Media Platforms. And, I am always excited by opportunities for Science Communication.

Plein Air Paintings at Frank Loyd Wright's Fallingwater.

 ©Mansi Sood